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  • Date 2014-07-22 13:49:35
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    Spam Another great podcast srgnips into view.Count me in among the many who have plummeted to their doom due to a faulty' joystick.And yeah, it's good to see Burger Time get some love (maybe too much?), even if it is amidst list-making controversy.We had trouble with Q*Bert controls at first, but the quirky gameplay, insane characters and hilarious sounds kept us coming back 'til we were succesfully average.And yeah, Gottlieb, bring it back to physical reality, willya? Instead of those dance-dance machines at the plexes I could go for some jumping games where I stay put.

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    Spam I read the Prydain Chronicles in 6th grade, around the time Grandpa died (I remmeber having Taran Wanderer in the car on the way to the funeral). They had a huge impact on me, but I've never seen this movie. Fans of the books are pretty down on it, but I'd like to give it a try.

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