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[P00000EM] Day light (International shipping available)

Day light Basic Information
Country of Origin South Korea
Manufacturer Self-production
Product summary
Product Description

Product Description

Day light
Head lamp “OFF”
Head lamp “ON”

6W Power LED New Upgrade Ver.

6W Power LED
6W Power LED upgrade

LED Daylight 12V Only, 2 Way


Camily Daytime Running Light
- Embedded with 5050 Chip LED manufactured in Korea (long lasting)
- Excellent daytime visibility with 6W capacity!
- Auto-dimming function – Positioning lamp running function
Easy installation & Luxury Design
- Luxurious and classy product design
- Can be applied to all vehicles with horizontal picture at the bottom
- Provides comfort due to a slim size of a genuine part
Anti-dazzling& Positioning Lamp
- Operate an embedded circuit without an external module (two convenient functions)
- Daytime running lamp is activated when KEY ON is turned on & Auto-dimming and positioning lamp functions are activated when night red lamp is turned on

“6W Daytime Running Light”

12v Only, 2-way, easy installation, anti-dazzling, positioning lamp

Daylight for Avante MD


Hi-Lux Led Daytime Running Light
6500K 5050 High bright power led, Clear polycarbonate rens, 2-way, Hight brightness & Safety driving, Safe-lamp, Small-lamp, Premium design, Rear exterior design upgrading.
  • Chrome reflector shuts out light very effectively
  • 2 way dimming effective both at day and night
  • Great visibility for safe driving
High Bright Daytime Running Light
- Made in Korea
- Hi-Lux LED made in Korea
Day light
Easy to install! Luxurious design!
The quality of car mirror’s LED products is strictly controlled by E13.
Day light
Day light
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