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With the rapid development, our company strives to supply premium
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[P00000BO] Key free (International shipping available)

Key free Basic Information
Country of Origin South Korea
Manufacturer Self-production
Product summary
Product Description

Product Description

Keyfre RF

Vehicle Card Door Lock System

Still hassling with car keys?
From now on, you can be hassle free with Keyfree RF!
Keyfree RF is a convenient digital door lock system for your vehicle. It can be locked and unlocked simply by touching with RF card, NFC chip embedded Smartphone or any portable device with RF tag adhered to.

1. When it is inconvenient to carry keys,
2. When you need to open or close the door with engine running
3. Enjoying various outdoor activities (Jogging, Swimming, Hiking)
4. For multiple drivers using the same vehicle in common
5. Best of all, when you wish to have a security confidence of your vehicle

Keyfree RF has been tested through extreme weather conditions. It can withstand and properly operate through the hot, windy deserts and icy freezing temperatures of Alaska.
It is widely exported to numerous countries such as the US, Canada, and Japan.