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Wiper Blade

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[P00000GE] UB Wiper blade (International shipping available)

UB Wiper blade Basic Information
Country of Origin South Korea
Manufacturer Self-production
Product summary
Product Description

Product Description

Wiper biade's life is rubber
Wiper biade's life is rubber
UB Wiper blade
  • 01 Excellent water repellent function.
  • 02 Environment friendly water soluble solvent.
  • 03 Abrasion resistance and innovative lubrication.
  • 04 Improved scattered rdfletion.
  • 05 Anti-pollution characteristics.
  • 06 Harmless to human body.



▶ It provides improved wiping capabilities in rain and freezing weather, long lasting durability

▶ It helps to improve driver safety and confidence

▶ It made by special coating process

▶ The rubber resists ozone, extreme temperature, abrasion, road salts and other chemical impurities

▶ Premium blade with low tolerance between levers results in outstanding durability